Helifix Repair Service

London Structural Repairs carry out a Helifix Repair Service for new and existing customers.

We have been providing a Helifix Repair Service for many years, with thousands of completed projects giving us great experience in every situation we may come across once on the job.

Our clients receive the best professional friendly advice and quality service and workmanship.
London Structural Repairs are a small family company and we offer a very personal experience for our customers.

Our most common Helifix Repair Service we get asked to carry out to deal with are internal – external cracks, slipped lintels and bulging walls.

We deal with these common defects to period properties by installing stainless steel rods imbedded in a thixotropic grout which distributes the structural loads and helps restrain from further cracking.

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This is one of our recent Helifix Repair service projects.

The brick boot lintel had been compromised some time ago when the original timber windows were replaced by pvc windows. Sagging-dropping of the lintel could of been caused by insufficient propping when the replacement took place or it could of just be that the pvc window hasn’t got enough integrity to support the brickwork above the opening.

Our solution to the client offerd a non disruptive repair option which involves cutting chases into the mortar beds and installing helical steel wires with a thixotropic grout, this is what we call masonry beaming and it is a system that is capable of supporting high structural loads.

The mortar pointing is another service that we offer separately but is also part of our repair system once the Helifix Repairs are carried out.

On this project the outer mortar was cement based. After the second world war the majority of buildings in London had the outer mortar pointing which was lime based replaced with a harder cement based mortar. Period properties need the lime mortar to help the building breath and stop moisture from getting trapped causing damp issues.

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