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What is a structural survey?

A structural survey is carried out by a firm of structural engineers. It consists of a detailed inspection from the top to the bottom of a building looking at all aspects of the building structure, for example: the condition of the roof, the types of materials used, possible areas of concern, damage to brick or stonework and damp related issues. A structural survey is the most comprehensive type of building surveys, they find potential problems and building defects which will then be put into a detailed structural survey report identifying any problems found and then a specialist structural repair company can carry out the repairs.

London Structural Repairs work closely with Structural Surveyors and engineers to help solve any defects your property may have.


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Why is a structural survey important?

A Structural survey is important for finding out what problems you have with your building, for example, if you are looking to buy a new house as an investment or to live in you may want to consider having a structural surveys carried out if: the property is of a Victorian or Edwardian period, the property is expensive, the property is more than 2 stories high, you can clearly see the property needs structural repair works i.e if it is showing signs of any cracking or movement, if the property is of an unusual construction i.e timber framed, or if you are intending on carrying out any major alterations to the property. A structural survey may help you decide whether you wish to purchase the property as is will give you an indication on how much you would need to spend in order to fix the problems.


What is a Structural Engineers Report?

Structural engineers reports are carried out by a chartered structural or civil engineer, they identify, evaluate and give recommendations to the homeowners on any problems with the foundation or the structure of their home. Within this report such problems may be uncovered: if soil erosion has occurred, if your buildings foundation is poorly constructed, or if any wood is present which may create future problems as rotting is possible.


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Why is it important to get the Structural Repairs carried out by a specialist?

As a home owner it is important to try and get any structural repair works to your property carried out by a specialist company, because it will save you time and money as a lot of the drawings supplied by a structural engineer can be quit complicated and hard to understand especially for a general builder who has not had any training in modern remedial repair systems.

If you have recently purchased a property or are in the process of buying one and would like help in understanding any structural defects on the property or if you would like a quotation then please contact London Structural Repairs one of Londons leading specialists structural repair companies.