Facade Cleaning services

Give your property investment a new lease of life with our Facade Cleaning Services London Structural Repairs are specialists in the preservation and restoration of Domestic and Commercial buildings within London and surrounding areas offering our extensive range of repair and restoration services and within our scope of services offered we excel with our Facade Cleaning services we have to offer. Facade Cleaning techniques have improved vastly over the years and London Structural Repairs offer a non-abrasive, non-destructive solution to Masonry Cleaning using heated steam that contains absolutely no chemical or abrasive material, completely different to shot blasting or sand blasting. If you want to add value to your London property, or want to transform your grime and pollution stained building back to its original beauty then London Structural Repairs are here to help.

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Combined with our External Refurbishment Services, our Facade Cleaning really will add value and character to your building. Our Facade Cleaning Service is the best investment you can make when selling your London home, any perspective visitor or buyer will see that you have caringly restored your home, bringing back the original colour to the façade, your London Property really will stand out in your street. Years of London grime and carbonation can be stubborn to remove! Our gentle Cleaning process only removes the dirt from years of grime and pollution using only clean water that’s heated to over 150 degrees and is sprayed to the affected areas removing the grime and pollution, not a layer of masonry that regularly occurs with shot blasting and abrasive cleaning. Using our heated steam cleaning we are able to carry out the cleaning of all London Stock Bricks, Bath and Lime Stone, delicate Render, Stucco and Terracotta and is a cost effective solution to the restoration of your London Property. Always use a specialist to do a specialists job for you for complete satisfaction London Structural Repairs are a small company based in East London, offering our services to all of London , Surrey and Kent. We take great pride in our work and are highly experienced in the Facade Cleaning of London properties. Being a local small company you can rest assured we are going no-where fast, unlike our grime and dirt removal, using our gentle Steam Facade Cleaning is the fastest, most delicate cost effective solution to your restoration project. If you are seeking our heritage approved Facade Cleaning services from a local London company then be sure to give us a call today.


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