Stone Repairs

We offer a full range of specialist Stone Repairs services, Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Stone Repairs is one of many solutions we offer to our clients in and around london. Is your stone structure broken? Is there a visible crack in your balcony structure? Do you want to get rid of unsightly stonework from your property? Do you need stone repairs ?
Welcome to London Structural Repairs, the right place to get all your stonework and stone structures repaired! If your stone structure is damaged, chipped, or broken, you can choose to get it repaired instead of getting it replaced. Repairs with us are super efficient, high quality, and affordable.

Comprehensive Services

Stone repairs services tackle all types of stone damage. Whether the damage is extensive or minimal, we fix it without making it seem noticeable. Our services include the following:

Stone Cleaning And Repointing

If your brick walls seem a little worn out from the outer corners, it is time for a repair service! At London Structural Repairs, we can turn your old and rugged stone structures new with extensive cleaning and repointing.

Crack Repair

Cracks in your walls or any other type of stonework can make your property appear shabby and weathered. However, if you call our stone repair experts, we can turn your weary looking stone structures appear new by filling in cracks.
Stone Reconstruction
Want to preserve an old stone structure in your living space? At London Structural Repairs, we are your go-to stone repair professionals who can reconstruct stone structures without any trouble. We apply new stone to the damaged area, making it appear flawless.

Hand-Carved Masonry Repair

Is there a special hand-carved monument at your home or business space that you want to preserve for years to come? We have the right team of masonry experts to handle such critical repairs. We can reconstruct and repair valuable hand-carved structures to perfection, keeping your investment protected.

Colour Matching

We make use of special coloured mortars to repair stonework to make it appear new. Our experts know how to properly repair stone structures with perfection so your structure looks unblemished. We only use top quality specialist mortar including lime mortars from Masons Mortar of Scotland.

Save Costs by Calling our  Repair Experts!

If your stonework is damaged, get in touch with our experts. Let us examine the extent of damage so we can offer you a quote. Our masonry professionals will tell whether the stone requires extensive repair or minor touches. Once we start with repairs work, we ensure exceptional results. So, if some other masonry service provider tells you that you need to replace your stonework, get second opinion from our experts who will find the smallest possibility to repair your stone without breaking your budget.
Getting your stonework repaired is much more cost-effective than getting it replaced or completely renovated. We can fix all types of stone damage with ease, keeping you relaxed. Even if it is an entire wall that needs to be repaired, we will complete the job without any trouble. Our experts carry out these types of repairs with finesse and intricacy, making your structures appear as good as new ones.


If you live in London and have noticed any cracks or damage to your stone give us a call at

020 8936 7699 and let our professionals take care of your Stone Repairs.


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