Wall Tie Replacement

Wall Tie replacement services in and around London

London Structural Repairs are specialists in Wall Tie Replacement. We are able to correctly diagnose the causes of Wall Tie Failure which may be causing horizontal Cracking and Lateral Movement to your property.

Cavity wall construction is very popular amongst UK housing stock and originated in the late 19thcentury to prevent properties from suffering the effects of a damp environment.

Random bricks were used to tie the two separate skins of masonry until a new method of connection was designed, the wrought iron fishtail type of tie. This was introduced to connect the separate skins of masonry but due to the material used to manufacture the tie, being wrought iron, unfortunately suffered from severe loss of integrity due to our naturally corrosive nature.

Wall Tie Failure is often caused by corrosion or ͚rust͛ to the tie causing it to lose its strength and bond by breaking or wearing away leading the loss of connection between the two skins of masonry.

Wall Tie Failure, when caused by Wall Tie Corrosion can be indicated by horizontal cracks within the mortar or render. This type of cracking indicates that the wall tie has expanded due to corrosion taking place which can lead to complete loss of structural integrity to the masonry façade.

As well as corrosion there are other factors leading to Wall Tie Failure such as a lack of Wall Ties being installed when the property was constructed thus leading to Lateral Movement which can cause cracking and severe structural Damage.

We offer the most competitive Wall Tie Surveys within London and surrounding areas and should you believe that your property is suffering from Wall Tie Failure you should take full advantage of our Wall Tie Survey which will include a full photographic report, a detailed specification which any reputable Wall Tie Installer will be able to offer quotations from and a full written report.


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