Concrete Spalling Repairs

What are the causes of concrete spalling and how do we carry out concrete spalling repairs

 Concrete Spalling is the result of reinforcing steel either being installed too close to the surface of a concrete structure or from the concrete being left uncoated and then being exposed to the British Weather elements.

New concrete is naturally very alkaline. This high alkalinity actually acts to protect steel reinforcing from corrosion. The effect of weathering of bare concrete is that concrete slowly has its alkaline materials washed out of it. In areas of acid rain in highly industrialised countries the process will be accelerated. As this happens the steel will then begin to corrode. When steel rusts it can expand up to 3 times its original size. Reinforced steel is embedded in the concrete but as the steel rusts it eventually forces the concrete to crack, exposing the steel reinforcing and internal concrete to the weather elements. The process repeats itself with the situation continually worsening, hence the name concrete cancer.

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Concrete Spalling repairs are carried out by cutting out the delaminated concrete, replacing or cleaning the steel reinforcement, priming the steel plus the surrounding concrete and then repairing with a high grade polymer modified concrete repair mortar to original profile, this will restore the structural integrity to super structure.


Ginger staining on concrete is cause for concern

Slight rust stains coming out of an otherwise innocent looking concrete surface are often the first symptom of spalling. Such areas must have concrete spalling repairs carried out immediately.

Protective coatings will prevent the need for concrete spalling repairs and save you money in the long run.

London Structural Repairs frequently complete concrete spalling repairs for  local authorities on local housing schemes, main contractors and private sector.

LSR are NVQ qualified concrete spalling repairs specialists who can provide you with a one stop shop service.


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