Balcony Restoration

Balcony Restoration

Balcony Restoration In North London

We provide home owners and business owners who have problems with there victorian balconies with our balcony restoration service.

London Structural Repairs have been carrying Balcony Restoration works for many years in and around London.

Clients often leave they’re balconies un maintained because they feel because it is on the exterior of the building it won’t effect the structural integrity of there property, but this is far from the truth.

Balconies left unprotected from the harsh weather elements usually end up costing the client a lot of money to put right in the end as balconies often become unsafe to use or for people to walk underneath them.

General routine maintenance can stop your balcony from becoming unsafe, unsightly and for the need of an expensive balcony restoration.

A unsightly balcony is often the first impression of a home and could devalue your investment. A well kept and nice aesthetics balcony would add value to your investment.

Our balcony restoration services include structural surveys / repairs and waterproofing and decoration.

This is one of our projects where the clients property needed the structural integrity of the balcony restored and waterproofed from the top.

The concrete slab underneath had a rusting filler joist and cracks. Our balcony restoration team repaired the spalling concrete and resin injected the cracks.

The asphalt on top had become porous, letting in water and causing structural damage to the concrete slab.

We applied a Sika waterproof non slip membrane system to stop anymore water from tracking through from the top of the balcony and causing damage to the flat beneath the balcony.

This system is a long term cost effective solution to these kind of problems.


If you have a balcony that is in need of balcony restoration services  be sure to contact London Structural Repairs for a free survey and consultation.

Concrete Lintel Repairs

Concrete Lintel Repairs

We can carry out your Concrete Lintel Repairs for you with our professional services.

Has your concrete lintels cracked, spalled or broken, well you have come to the right place as we can help.

Concrete lintels can become damaged if not routinely maintained to stop water ingress.

Water and moisture will cause the steel reinforcement to rust and eventually expand, resulting in damaging the lintels.

Pieces of concrete or stone will crack or even drop off making your lintels unsightly or even unsafe if they are above head height.

We carry out concrete lintel repairs with fine detail, leaving your lintels looking as good as new.

Our concrete lintel repairs get carried out in a sequence.

We cut away, remove the loose and damaged concrete from the lintels.

Steel Reinforcement bars can cause you a serious problem

The steel reinforcing is either cleaned or replaced and primed to stop any future further rusting.

Oiled shutters are put in place and then the concrete is recast to the original profile using specialist mortars or grout.

It is important to add a drip on the underside if needed.

Shutters are struck when the concrete has cured for long enough.

We advise that concrete lintels are either painted with coloured masonry paint or clear paint to stop moisture penetration.

It is usually cheaper and less disruptive to repair the concrete  lintels instead of replacing them.

Replacing concrete lintels could have its own problems structurally to a building.

Good routine maintenance could save you costly repairs in the long run.

This is one of our concrete lintel repairs projects carried out to property in East London.

The home owner needed the lintel repaired so the sale of their house could go through.

London Structural Repairs acted quickly to help them with this problem with our repair technique.

Structural integrity was restored and the house was sold.

If you have a concrete lintel that needs repaired or restored then please feel free to contact us to help with your project.




concrete crack repair

Concrete Crack Repair

London Structural Repairs are experienced experts in resin injection concrete crack repair. This one of our recent projects at the historical  Lincoln Inn Fields Great Hall and Library where we were contracted by the main contractor on site to deal with a number of concrete crack repair to a basement reinforced concrete slab.

Lincoln Inn Fields is Londons largest public field and is steeped in history with strong links to the British legal system. The Lincoln’s Inn Fields Great Hall and Library is home to some of Britains rarest legal books. The building is bold and elegant with a gothic look about it.

We were asked by Graham construction to find a structural repair solution because there were  concrete crack repair that was on a reinforced concrete basement slab. The concrete slab was cracked in various locations and varied in length. The cracks were hairline and the client didn’t want us to carry out concrete crack repair by means of mechanical breakout incase the structural integrity was damaged further.

London Structural Repairs solution was to inject the cracks using Fosroc LV crack injection system. This a low viscosity material that means it has good movement through tight cracks, this material can be used if the crack is sealed on the opposite side of the injection. If the crack can’t be sealed from the opposite side then you need to use a higher viscosity material such as Fosroc TH which is a Thixotropic resin.

The first thing we had to do was make sure the concrete crack repair area was clean and free from dust. We then face filled the cracks and installed the injection ports. We then injected the Fosroc LV into the first port and used the release valve to let any trapped air out and waited for the resin to show in the next port before moving along each one in sequence.

The project took 2 days to complete and we removed the injection ports and plained the face filler to remove from the concrete.

Please feel free to Contact London Structural Repairs if you have a cracked concrete repair you need help with.

Failed Concrete Beam Repair

Failed Concrete Beam Repair

Failed Concrete Beam Repair In London

This is one of our recent projects for a property development company in the heart of London. London Structural Repairs were asked too provide a failed concrete beam repair solution to a 6 metre reinforced concrete beam which had damage to the top section. The client was worried about the beam collapsing so LSR operatives fitted RSJ’S with propping to a engineers specification to stop any chance of the concrete beam from collapsing or cracking during our remedial works. The on site engineers asked LSR if we could Hilti Ferroscan The failed concrete beam as well as the two concrete columns connected to the beam to see the steel reinforcement make up as well as to determine bar sizes which the Hilti Ferroscan does with ease but only trained competent persons should attempt to use this complicated piece of kit. The engineers on site presumed  that the concrete slab above was tied in connected to the concrete beam but our investigation works confirmed that the concrete slab was not connected and just sat on top of the beams, the slab was probably precast and crane lifted into place at construction.

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The failed concrete beam Repair solution system we used was Sika concrete repair mortar system. We first carried out a hammer test survey to determine where the defect – delaminated concrete ended and marked this out on the concrete. We then had too saw cut the marked concrete with a dustless concrete grinder attached too a M class hoover to protect all persons within the building from dust inhalation, after this we  had too break away the concrete using Hilti mechanical breakers with low vibration to eliminate HAVS to our workers. We then added more steel reinforcement to the repair area and then made the repair using the Sika system to the manufacturers specification.

If you have a failed Concrete Beam Repair need carried out then why not give Londons Experts a call 020 8936 7699.




Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete Spalling Repairs

What are the causes of concrete spalling and how do we carry out concrete spalling repairs

 Concrete Spalling is the result of reinforcing steel either being installed too close to the surface of a concrete structure or from the concrete being left uncoated and then being exposed to the British Weather elements.

New concrete is naturally very alkaline. This high alkalinity actually acts to protect steel reinforcing from corrosion. The effect of weathering of bare concrete is that concrete slowly has its alkaline materials washed out of it. In areas of acid rain in highly industrialised countries the process will be accelerated. As this happens the steel will then begin to corrode. When steel rusts it can expand up to 3 times its original size. Reinforced steel is embedded in the concrete but as the steel rusts it eventually forces the concrete to crack, exposing the steel reinforcing and internal concrete to the weather elements. The process repeats itself with the situation continually worsening, hence the name concrete cancer.

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Concrete Spalling repairs are carried out by cutting out the delaminated concrete, replacing or cleaning the steel reinforcement, priming the steel plus the surrounding concrete and then repairing with a high grade polymer modified concrete repair mortar to original profile, this will restore the structural integrity to super structure.


Ginger staining on concrete is cause for concern

Slight rust stains coming out of an otherwise innocent looking concrete surface are often the first symptom of spalling. Such areas must have concrete spalling repairs carried out immediately.

Protective coatings will prevent the need for concrete spalling repairs and save you money in the long run.

London Structural Repairs frequently complete concrete spalling repairs for  local authorities on local housing schemes, main contractors and private sector.

LSR are NVQ qualified concrete spalling repairs specialists who can provide you with a one stop shop service.


If you manage, maintain or repair concrete structures and require methods of investigating, testing and concrete spalling repairs, be sure to contact London Structural Repairs for a free quote on 020 8936 7699

Concrete Window Sill Repairs

Concrete Window Sill Repairs

Londons Concrete Window Sill Repairs Specialists could save you money and disruption

London Structural Repairs carried out repairs to Concrete Window sill Repairs at two private residential property blocks in Brentwood, Essex.

The property’s Concrete Window sills were suffering from concrete spalling because of deteriorating steel rods in-bedded in the Window sills causing cracking and sections of the window sills to fail.
Our sympathetic cost effective repairs were of no disruption to the residents of the property, the failed concrete Window sills had new reinforcing rods installed and were repaired using specialist mortars then given two coats of anti-carbonation coatings this will insure a long lasting repair without the need for the removal of the windows and installing new Concrete Window sill’s causing disruption and expensive costs to the residents.

Are your Window Sills on your routine maintenance list?

Concrete Window Sill repairs may not seem like an important part of your home’s structure and they are probably far from the top of any ones priority list when it comes to maintaining your property. But they do play a vital role in protecting your home from the weather elements and they can be the first weak point when it comes to letting rain or damp into your property. A cracked, poorly maintained or uneven Window sill can let rainwater drain into your property, meaning stained wallpaper, mould or damaged plaster. All of these can mean ongoing problems and expensive repair jobs.

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Your window sills may seem like decorative features but they are actually very simple pieces of engineering design that allow the water to run away freely, like guttering for your windows. The outward fall allows the rain to run off the windowsills and away from the windows and walls, keeping your property dry.
In most cases a stone or concrete Window sill Repairs can be carried out by a specialist and saved, but if it is beyond repair then replacing it will be the only option and you may need to remove the entire window frame to carry this work out and also run the risk of damaging bricks, so make sure you use a specialist contractor with experience in this kind of work.

Make sure you employ a specialist contractor for a hassle free project

Whether you are having your window sills replaced or repaired you will want to check that the finished results will last and keep water away from your window frames and your walls. So do give the job the once-over and make sure that the window sills are set at an angle running away from the property. You can see how water will run off from them by doing a water test on them.

How many people know the importance of the drip?

A window sill should also have a drip formed on the underside of the sill, which means that the water running off the sill will not just run straight down and onto your brickwork, with the potential to cause penetrating damp or frost damage to your bricks. The drip is a  groove that is formed underneath the sill when made and runs the full the length of the sill. It’s usually the width and depth of a pencil or your little finger known as half round and breaks the flow of water, meaning it can drop down and drain away from the bricks or render. Over the years the drips can get clogged with dirt or usually painted over with numerous coats of paint making the drip useless, so make sure that good general maintenance stops this from happening because if the drip is not working properly then the property may suffer from penetrating damp or damaged brickwork.

Check out our wide range of services that we have to offer, no job is to big or small.


If you notice any cracks or damage to your window sills then give us a call on

020 8936 7699 so we can design the best remedial solution for your Concrete Window Sill Repairs.





Concrete Column Repair

Concrete Column Repair

Concrete Column Repair in Central London

This is one of London Structural Repairs recent projects. we carried out a Concrete Column Repair for a building contractor in the city of London. The Concrete Column was suffering from spalling, the steel reinforcing was corroding as there was no protective coating on the concrete and over time the weather elements have contributed to the corrosion of the steel and forcing the steel to expand and crack the concrete.
The corrosion of structural steel is an electrochemical process that requires the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. Essentially, the iron in the steel is oxidised to produce rust, which occupies approximately six times the volume of the original material. Here at London Structural Repairs we specialise in diagnosing and designing repair methods for concrete structures and corrosion prevention.


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The concrete column repair was carried out by removing the delaminated concrete by use of mechanical breaker and cleaning the steel reinforcement by abrasion and then the concrete column repair was done with the use of Sika concrete repair system. There are lots of different concrete repair suppliers and materials on the market all with different attributes and uses and it is important to contract a specialist to carry out any sort of concrete repairs as experience is a must when using these sorts of materials as its not a case of just opening a bag and just adding water, there are many different factors to consider when using these materials. Once the concrete column repair was carried out. We then applied a specialist waterproof coating to prevent any future corrosion problems.


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Prevention and good maintenance will save you money 

Most modern concrete structures are designed to have a long lifespan but unfortunately with todays project deadlines there are lots of structures with badly placed concrete causing the concrete to be honeycombed, this is all too familiar in recent times but With good forward planning, skilled and experienced workforce this should be avoided.

Forward planning and routine maintenance can help for see any future problems or better still avoid costly unwanted repairs. Concrete failure can escalate quite rapid when its been left too long and unprotected, the concrete structure could loose its structural integrity making the structure unsafe for the public to be around. We have lots of preventative solutions at hand and are more than happy to assist you with the maintenance and repairs to your concrete structures.

If you have a Concrete column repair or any other kind of concrete repair then contact us for a friendly professional service 020 8936 7699.



Concrete Restoration Specialists

Concrete Restoration Specialists

Concrete Restoration Specialists based in London

A Comprehensive Range of Concrete Restoration Specialists Services in London!

Concrete restoration Specialists companies cover a vast range of services. At London Structural Repairs, we are a team of NVQ qualified repair professionals who can fix any type of concrete problem. We can complete any type of concrete restoration specialists service with ease, offering maximum satisfaction.
We not only meet industry standards, but exceed them by offering quality concrete repair specialists services in London and the surrounding areas. The methods we utilise to fix concrete walls and surfaces are internationally proven. We offer a comprehensive range of concrete repair specialists services to commercial and residential clients. With over 20 years of experience, our team is able to fix the most critical problems in concrete structures with ease.

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Make Your Buildings Safe & Secure

When it comes to concrete Specialists repairs, it is essential that you pick a company  that is experienced, certified, and reliable. We offer concrete repair specialists services to keep your structures protected from any damage. In order for your building to keep in good shape for a long time, you need to repair it on an ongoing basis.
Our team of professionals are not only able to fix minor concrete problems, but are also capable of handling critical repair tasks without the hassle. By making use of advanced concrete specialists repair techniques, our team of installers ensures that your structure is in pristine shape. By requesting concrete repairs from us, you can prolong the life of your structures.

Concrete Restoration Specialists project

This is one of our projects which we carried out by use of a Scissor lift. The property was being refurbished into offices internally and London Structural Repairs refurbished the front exterior of the property.

Concrete repairs were carried out with the use of Sika concrete repair mortars. We then applied specialists coatings to give the building a new fresh clean look as well extra protection.

We Inspect, Diagnose, and Implement Cost-Effective Concrete Repairs!

Concrete structures, walls, and surfaces are prone to damage. Therefore, it is important to keep them in proper shape by calling a concrete repair professional. If you are looking for a service provider that is experienced and reliable, get in touch with us.
London Structural Repairs excels at dealing with all types of repairs including concrete repairs. When a client gets in touch with us, we send over a team of experts who inspect the structure, diagnose the problem, and implement an effective strategy that is not only budget-friendly, but also ideal for preserving your building.

Advance Concrete Repair Services in London!

Concrete can disintegrate over time. However, if you perform routine maintenance and repair, you will be able to preserve it for a long time. London Structural Repairs aims at offering a complete range of concrete repair services so you can protect your building while saving lots of money.

We are skilled at fixing the following concrete problems:

  • Corrosion management
  • Crack filling and injecting
  • Sprayed concrete repair mortars
  • Sacrificial anodes placement
  • Protective and decorative concrete repair coating
  • Grout repair

What makes us your go-to concrete repair specialists professionals is our connection with local authorities, property managers, and housing associations. We have successfully completed a vast range of projects for concrete repairs. If you need some tips for protecting and maintaining your concrete structures, get in touch with us for expert advice.


If you manage, maintain or repair concrete structures and require methods of investigating, testing and repairing cracks in concrete be sure to contact London Structural Repairs for a free consultation.