Concrete Column Repair

Concrete Column Repair in Central London

This is one of London Structural Repairs recent projects. we carried out a Concrete Column Repair for a building contractor in the city of London. The Concrete Column was suffering from spalling, the steel reinforcing was corroding as there was no protective coating on the concrete and over time the weather elements have contributed to the corrosion of the steel and forcing the steel to expand and crack the concrete.
The corrosion of structural steel is an electrochemical process that requires the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. Essentially, the iron in the steel is oxidised to produce rust, which occupies approximately six times the volume of the original material. Here at London Structural Repairs we specialise in diagnosing and designing repair methods for concrete structures and corrosion prevention.


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The concrete column repair was carried out by removing the delaminated concrete by use of mechanical breaker and cleaning the steel reinforcement by abrasion and then the concrete column repair was done with the use of Sika concrete repair system. There are lots of different concrete repair suppliers and materials on the market all with different attributes and uses and it is important to contract a specialist to carry out any sort of concrete repairs as experience is a must when using these sorts of materials as its not a case of just opening a bag and just adding water, there are many different factors to consider when using these materials. Once the concrete column repair was carried out. We then applied a specialist waterproof coating to prevent any future corrosion problems.


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Prevention and good maintenance will save you money 

Most modern concrete structures are designed to have a long lifespan but unfortunately with todays project deadlines there are lots of structures with badly placed concrete causing the concrete to be honeycombed, this is all too familiar in recent times but With good forward planning, skilled and experienced workforce this should be avoided.

Forward planning and routine maintenance can help for see any future problems or better still avoid costly unwanted repairs. Concrete failure can escalate quite rapid when its been left too long and unprotected, the concrete structure could loose its structural integrity making the structure unsafe for the public to be around. We have lots of preventative solutions at hand and are more than happy to assist you with the maintenance and repairs to your concrete structures.

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