Balcony Restoration

Balcony Restoration In North London

We provide home owners and business owners who have problems with there victorian balconies with our balcony restoration service.

London Structural Repairs have been carrying Balcony Restoration works for many years in and around London.

Clients often leave they’re balconies un maintained because they feel because it is on the exterior of the building it won’t effect the structural integrity of there property, but this is far from the truth.

Balconies left unprotected from the harsh weather elements usually end up costing the client a lot of money to put right in the end as balconies often become unsafe to use or for people to walk underneath them.

General routine maintenance can stop your balcony from becoming unsafe, unsightly and for the need of an expensive balcony restoration.

A unsightly balcony is often the first impression of a home and could devalue your investment. A well kept and nice aesthetics balcony would add value to your investment.

Our balcony restoration services include structural surveys / repairs and waterproofing and decoration.

This is one of our projects where the clients property needed the structural integrity of the balcony restored and waterproofed from the top.

The concrete slab underneath had a rusting filler joist and cracks. Our balcony restoration team repaired the spalling concrete and resin injected the cracks.

The asphalt on top had become porous, letting in water and causing structural damage to the concrete slab.

We applied a Sika waterproof non slip membrane system to stop anymore water from tracking through from the top of the balcony and causing damage to the flat beneath the balcony.

This system is a long term cost effective solution to these kind of problems.


If you have a balcony that is in need of balcony restoration services  be sure to contact London Structural Repairs for a free survey and consultation.