Cracking Matters

Cracking Matters

Cracking Matters

Cracking Matters Is your Property suffering from cracks? at London Structural Repairs we are experts in dealing with all kinds of causes of cracks. There are many reasons why cracks may develop on buildings and unless you are experienced in this specialist work then it is hard to diagnose the problem and use the correct method of repair. One common repair method we use to deal with non progressive cracks is called Crack stitch repairs, this is where we cut a slot in the masonry and install a stainless steel helical rod combined with a specialist grout. In some instances we have to monitor cracks for a period before we can carry out crack stitch repairs.

Do cracks matter to your property?

If your home or investment has structural cracks internally or externally then this will make your property unsightly, devalue your investment and in many cases unsalable until crack stitch repairs have been carried out by a specialist contractor. Many perspective buyers use the crack defects as a bargaining tool to negotiate on the price of the property. Many people just ignore cracks when they develop and this never good practice as in a lot of cases the cracks will only worsen over time and cost more money on the crack stitch repairs because generally when the crack worsens then the making good of the surrounding area increases and so does the cost of the repair.

If you have a crack recently developed or one that is long standing then why not contact us


We recently carried out cracked Masonry Repair also known as reinforced masonry crack stitch repairs to the specification of a structural engineering company in South West London. The property is in the heart of Chelsea and is a three storey semi-detached building of traditional construction, which comprises of three flats.

Cracked Masonry Repairs are regularly carried out  on period properties in and around the London area, there are many different  reasons for the cracks appearing and our structural survey will ascertain the reason behind the movement.

A significant vertical crack had developed to the rear wall. The crack runs almost full height of the building. There have been previous attempts been made to repair the crack by others but without success. The crack required crack stitching repairs to be carried out, which would restore the structural integrity of the wall.

London Structural Repair operatives installed the crack stitch bars and repaired the brickwork and gave it a much better appearance.

If your period or modern building is suffering from a similar problem then please free to get in touch with us for a free survey on 020 8936 7699



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