Bay Window Repair – Reinforcement

Bay Window Repair

London Structural Repairs have completed bay window repairs to a property in Marlow just outside of London.

We installed Helical bars to the right hand side junction of this period property to stop any further cracking and to stop water and moisture entering the property ruining internal decoration. Bay windows are a common feature in period properties and they can pose severe structural defects leading to cracking, which can cause major stability concerns, ingress of moisture and lower the value of your property.

Bay windows commonly fall into a state of disrepair and in order to bring an aesthetically pleasing redecoration programme you may also require structural reinforcement, to repair any cracks and stone damage.

Common structural defects are often lateral stability issues, lintel failure and a combination of stone erosion and failed pointing mortar. Combined with very shallow foundations it is often very common that bay windows will suffer from severe cracking at the junctions between the main house walls and the bay window.

It is essential that reinforcement is installed and a combination of masonry reinforcement along with lateral restraint ties in order to restrain and prevent further cracking whilst providing a concealed method of repair.