Cracks Above Windows and Doors

Has your property got Cracks Above Windows and Doors ?

This is one of our recent projects in south London. The property was a period property suffering from cracks above windows and doors. LSR had to work on the masonry above a set of patio doors and two windows. London Structural Repairs installed masonry reinforcement beams and pinning ties to stabilise the brick arch lintels and then made good the pointing and cracks to a near invisible repair but with a bit of weathering will become a perfect repair as seen from the photos below. This type of repair method is quick, cost effective and non disruptive to the residents of the property.

Cracks above windows and doors are usually caused by failed lintels. This a common fault on Victorian and Edwardian properties as the brick lintels known as boot lintels do not span across the opening into the main wall of the house as modern lintels do taking the load of the brick work above it.

Lintels are usually made up of bricks, concrete or steel and also it is not uncommon for us to come across timber lintels. When the lintels fail you get cracks above openings and this is usually because of window replacement, eroded mortar joints or if in London we come across it to be bomb damage from world war two frequently.

Have your Cracks Above Windows and Doors looked at by our experts

Brick arch lintels were designed to sit on top of well made timber windows or doors on period properties. Routine maintenance to the doors or windows is important to maintain the structural integrity of the wood. A lot of home owners have the timber windows removed and replaced with modern type UPVC windows. It is important during the window exchange to try not to disturb the above brick arch lintel or you run the risk of cracks above windows and doors.

London Structural Repairs LTD are specialist masonry repair experts and are here to solve any issues you may be facing with your your property no matter how big or small.


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