Lintel Failure

Is your Property suffering from this common problem of Lintel Failure

London structural repairs are specialists in the repair and reinforcement of failed lintels which have caused structural defects such as cracking and downward movement. We use various repair techniques to suit each individual situation of Lintel Failure.

LSR carried out lintel failure repairs to a property in London, the properties lintel had failed and we installed masonry reinforcement as well as pinning up the lintel with our modern repair methods.

Cracked or sagging lintels will make your property look unsightly

Lintel Reinforcement is necessary when Lintel Failure has occurred, in many instances the only method of repair was costly and disruptive remove and rebuild techniques but with London structural repairs modern repair method’s this can be avoided with our sympathetic non disruptive repair technique.

By combining a range of Bed Joint Reinforcement techniques combined with Pinning Ties and grout injection LSR can introduce concealed reinforcement within the Bed Joints this will carry the new imposed loads alleviating the stress from the lintel failure , combined with pinning ties which reconnect the sagging lintel and high strength grout injection we can reinforce the masonry whilst retaining the original aesthetics.

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London structural repairs have carried out a vast amount of Lintel failure Reinforcement works to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

In domestic applications where the home owner would like to retain the original aesthetics to their period property our installation method will include the complete Lintel Repair including the repair of all cracks with the mortar, replacement matching bricks restoring the structural integrity of the failed masonry whilst providing an almost hidden repair.

In commercial applications LSR can save a vast amount of time and money by carrying out Lintel failure Reinforcement without the need for disruptive and time consuming remove and re-build methods. Often when window replacement schemes are being carried out Lintel Failure is common cause of concern and disruption to schedules and planned works.


In instances of Lintel Failure be sure to contact London structural repairs for your free no obligation specification and quotation to restore the structural integrity of your failed lintels today 020 8936 7699