Concrete Damage

What is concrete damage

Concrete Damage: Why does it happen?

Contrary to popular belief, concrete too, has a lifespan after which it can become damaged. Concrete damage can also be a sign of an underlying structural issue. Since there can be many complications caused as a direct result of the damage, concrete repair should be a priority as soon as a crack is detected.
There are a few reasons why concrete can become damaged even before its time. A few reasons of concrete damage are listed below:

Quick Drying
If the concrete you are using dries very quickly, chances are that it will crack soon after it solidifies. The shift in state of the concrete from liquid to solid requires a degree of water to be present in the concrete mixture.

Corrosion Caused by Reinforcement Bars
When iron bars are reinforced into the concrete in order to strengthen the structure, there is a possibility of rust forming on the iron through chemical reactions. The increased volume of rust will press against the concrete and make room for its own expansion. This strain on the concrete by the rust may cause it to crack. These types of concrete damage are particularly dangerous since the stability of the entire structure is under threat due to both rusty bars and damaged concrete.

Too Much Water in the Concrete Mixture
As opposed to the causes for quick drying, excessive amounts of water in the concrete mixture can also cause the concrete to eventually crack. Concrete achieves its maximum strength without the use of too much water. An excess of water can tamper with the potential strength of the concrete. Concrete damage caused by excessive water is one of the most common problems since people are generally unaware of the water requirements of different qualities of concrete.

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What should you do if you see cracks in your concrete?
Concrete damage is dangerous. Cracks caused as a result of imprecise proportions of water in your concrete mixture may teach you a lesson or two for the future, but the cracks still need to be dealt with. If you notice any discoloration in your walls, this can be an indication of water leakages and mould accumulating in the concrete. Additionally, any cracks which seem to worsen with time also put your home or building in great danger since the problem often goes beyond the surface in cases like these.

In any case, concrete repair or replacement is extremely necessary if cracks are detected. You can never be certain how much damage has already been done. Attempting to repair the damage in your property by yourself is not advised since there are usually a number of complications involved in the structure of a building. You should always leave concrete repairs work to a experienced and insured professional to prevent any further damage.

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