Lime Mortar Pointing Expert

Lime Mortar Pointing Experts

London Structural Repairs are specialised Lime Mortar Pointing Experts.

What you may not realise about building work is that along with the more modern approaches to construction, there are also traditional methods that were used to build and maintain properties. One particular method that we will have seen in the past and still see now is lime mortar pointing. So, what is lime pointing and why has it been used in building work over the years?

Why was lime used?

Traditional mass-masonry walls, such as what we see in pre 1919 homes would have very much worked on the basis that any moisture that enters the wall, has the chance to escape as easily as possible. One material that has known to be able to do this the best is lime. This is because they have an interconnected pore structure, which means that the water vapour and water can travel with ease and make its way back out.

This is compared to those walls made of cement, which are more closed and will trap water within the wall and make it much harder for the water to escape. Of course, in modern times, homes are designed in such a way that concrete is fine to be used for the construction, however, those homes that pre-date 1919 are going to have lime mortar already in them and therefore any repairs need to be carried out using lime-pointing.

Why might you need lime mortar pointing Expert repairs?

There are a number of reasons why you might need to book in for lime pointing Expert repairs on your property. However there are two main ones that we see. The first one is that the lime pointing that was originally put in place has decayed over time and the time has come for it to be replaced. Mortar can decay over time due to weathering or sometimes due to poor maintenance. You can often find that blocked gutters or overflow pipes can cause damage to the masonry work and then require repairs.
You may also need to arrange for repairs if the masonry within the property has already been re-pointed, with the use of a cement based mortar which is often the case in London.

If you live in a period property then you know that you are going to need to make sure that any repair work that you have carried out on it, fits in with the traditional style and design. This means that you are going to be on the hunt for an expert who understands what it takes to best utilise some of these traditional materials and methods for the best interests of the building.

We are lime mortar pointing Experts, so if you live in an older property and want to ensure that you protect the look and charm of the building, then why not get in touch with us?




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