Brick Stitching Repair

Brick Stitching Repair Service In London

London Structural Repairs offer specialist brick stitching repair services to domestic and commercial customers in London and the surrounding areas. Bricks and masonry can crack for lots of different reasons and it is important to diagnose the the correct cause of the cracking to determine the best repair method to be used to provide a long lasting repair.

We are always carrying out brick stitching repairs for domestic clients internally and externally. We use Helifix, Twistfix and Thor Helical crack repair bars and grout but this can be the choice of the client or the structural engineers, surveyors or architects which bars and grout they would like used on the property.

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A Crack stitching repair involves cutting slots with a chaser attached to hoover to a predefined depth and centres. The bars are usually 1 metre in length but we can get longer and cut to any length needed. The slots are then cleaned free from dust and debris and pre soaked before the bars and grout are installed.

This is a recent brick stitching repair we carried out to a London property in Brixton south London. The property had a crack on the 1st floor stairwell. We removed the plaster wall coverings and installed crack stitching bars and grout and filled the cracks in the wall. Once the bars were installed we then screwed a EML mesh to the wall with galvanised screws plugs and penny washers before the wall was filled with a bonding coat and plastered with multi finish.

This is a standard repair for London Structural Repairs on  period properties in and around London.

If you notice any cracks in your building and would like LSR to carry out Brick Stitching Repairs then feel free to get in touch for a free quote.