Helifix Lintel Repair

Helifix Lintel Repair

At London Structural Repairs we often carry out Helifix Lintel Repairs to a high standard for domestic households and also to some commercial buildings.

Lintels often fail because they have lost their structural integrity. Common causes of this are often because of the following reasons.

  • The property has had the timber sash windows removed and replaced with PVC windows without insufficient propping.
  • The lime mortar in-between the brick joints has lost its strength through age and then the bricks loose there friction holding them in place and causing them to sag and drop.
  • We come across a lot of lintels in London that are in need of Helifix Lintel Repair because of bomb damage from world war 2.

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We have been using the Helifix lintel repair system for a number of years now and it has never let us down to date. It provides us with the ability to reinforce the lintels and also the brickwork above from cracking any more. If the works are carried out correctly the works leave the building looking neat and tidy.

This is one of my recent projects in Chelsea London. The client had just purchased the property and the lintel fault was flagged in there home buyers survey before purchase, she then had a structural engineer specify the Helifix Lintel Repair and recommend LSR to carry out the repairs.

This is a standard repair for London Structural Repairs on period properties in and around London.

We are a a small local family run business here to serve London and the surrounding areas.

If you notice any cracks in or above your lintels and would like LSR to carry out Helifix Lintel Repair then feel free to get in touch for a free quote.