Movement Joints-Thermal Cracking

Movement Joints – Thermal Cracking

Movement Joints

London Structural Repairs were asked by a structural engineer consultant to create a movement joint to a property in South East London, which was suffering from thermal cracking. Our skilled operatives cut a slot in the brickwork and made good the surrounding bricks then used backing foam and appropriate mastic to create the movement joint.

Movement joints are often required to provide a break in extensive spans of masonry or in instances where Thermal Movement has caused extensive structural damage which requires remedial Movement Joint installation.

Thermal Movement is a growing cause of concern with our ever changing weather having adverse effects to our masonry by causing the expansion and contraction of masonry.

Bricks and mortar have extremely high compressive strength and can with stand extremely high downward forces but unfortunately bricks and mortar are relatively low in tensile strength so under expansion and contraction unfortunately the structural integrity will be lost.

Thin vertical cracking will appear and if Movement Joints are not installed unfortunately further cracking will occur which could result in catastrophic loss of structural integrity.

The introduction of Movement Joints is carried out by cutting a slot through the external skin of masonry to a predetermined width with horizontal slots chased into the mortar for the installation of slip ties in cavity walls.

Movement Joints consist of a foam backing cord installed in between the masonry previously cut and slip ties installed to resist against wind forces ensuring that structural integrity remains whilst the Movement Joint installation remains.

In your property is suffering from Thermal Movement and requires an experienced specialist contractor to design a free no obligation specification and quotation be sure to contact London Structural Repairs today and arrange your free survey.



Bay Window Repair - Reinforcement

Bay Window Repair – Reinforcement

Bay Window Repair

London Structural Repairs have completed bay window repairs to a property in Marlow just outside of London.

We installed Helical bars to the right hand side junction of this period property to stop any further cracking and to stop water and moisture entering the property ruining internal decoration. Bay windows are a common feature in period properties and they can pose severe structural defects leading to cracking, which can cause major stability concerns, ingress of moisture and lower the value of your property.

Bay windows commonly fall into a state of disrepair and in order to bring an aesthetically pleasing redecoration programme you may also require structural reinforcement, to repair any cracks and stone damage.

Common structural defects are often lateral stability issues, lintel failure and a combination of stone erosion and failed pointing mortar. Combined with very shallow foundations it is often very common that bay windows will suffer from severe cracking at the junctions between the main house walls and the bay window.

It is essential that reinforcement is installed and a combination of masonry reinforcement along with lateral restraint ties in order to restrain and prevent further cracking whilst providing a concealed method of repair.


Structural Repairs South London

Structural Repairs South London

One of our recent projects on a victorian house to carry out structural repairs South London

London Structural repairs carried out a variety of structural repairs South London for a private property developer.

The property was a period property that was suffering from bowing walls on the side elevations of the house and there was also cracks in the property that needed remedial crack stitching works carried out.

We were asked to strip the house bare internally for the client before carrying out the remedial Structural Repairs, removing all plaster from the walls and ceilings.

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LSR provided a full Structural survey and designed the remedial solutions for the properties defects.

Lateral Restraint ties were installed to the bowing side elevation walls, connecting to the floor joists to stop any further outward movement of the wall.

Bowing walls outward movement in most cases is due to insufficient lateral restraint, tying the wall to the ceiling and floor joists. Without these lateral restraint ties the building is vulnerable and with the continued outward movement the building is at risk of collapsing.

Carrying out essential structural repairs will protect your investment

Helifix bars were installed to all external and internal walls where cracks were present this is known as crack stitching.

Cracks In buildings can develop for a number of different reasons. It is important to diagnose the root cause of the cracking in order to be able to recommend the correct crack repair method. Most cracks can be diagnosed by the crack pattern and the position on the crack on the wall or building. Structural repairs South London is an area we carry out works in quite frequently.

London Structural Repairs specialise in investigating, diagnosing, repairing and the monitoring of cracks or any Structural Repairs South London or any parts of London.

London Structural Repairs are specialists in these type’s of works and these works  are not usually carried out by general builders.


If you own a property and it is in need of Structural repairs south London or any other part of London then feel free to contact London Structural Repairs on

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Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs London

Masonry repairs in London

London Structural Repairs LTD are Masonry Repairs experts providing a wealth of knowledge and services to our clients in and around London. Masonry Repairs can cover a wide range of services and LSR cover them all.

This is one of our Masonry Repair projects in London.

Our client had recently purchased this property and contacted us having already had a structural survey completed, with recommendations to some Masonry Repair works to be carried out. When you have a Structural Survey the survey can be quite vague as to what remedial works are required, thats why it is important to get in touch with a structural repair company if any remedial works are recommended who have the knowledge and experience to provide a repair solution.

This particular building needed Masonry Repairs carried out as it was suffering from cracks to a side flank wall, a bowing flank wall on the opposite side and also cracks in and around the front Masonry Bay Window. The client was intending on doing a full rip out and refurbishment to the inside of the building but needed to have the Masonry Repairs carried out first.

LSR started out by dealing with the side flank wall with the cracks in it. We cut out and replaced the cracked bricks and installed crack stitch bars to strengthen the wall.

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LSR are one of Londons leading Masonry repairs specialists.

We then carried our the Masonry Repair works to the Bay Window. Masonry Reinforcement was installed to to the ground floor and 1st floor bay window and the external masonry was reattached to the internal joists with the use of drive pins and then all the chases and making good to the bay window was carried out with the use colour matched lime mortar.

Our last job on the property was to install Lateral Restraint ties to the bowing flank wall. lack of lateral restraint is a common fault on period properties and the works are to reconnect the the internal floor joists to the outer walls to stop any further movement. The works are usually carried out from the outside of the property but on this occasion we had to install straps instead of ties as the flank wall was to close to the next door neighbours property. LSR lifted floor boards and cut out pockets in the masonry and used a non shrinking grout to hold the straps into the pockets as well as noggins in-between the floor joists.

If your property is in need of Masonry repairs then give our experts a call or fill out an enquiry form on our website.

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AESTHETIC Repairs & Period Restoration

AESTHETIC Repairs & Period Restoration

Period Restoration

Below is one of our recent Period Restoration projects in South West London where we undertook the cleaning of the facial bricks by bead blasting.  We then installed masonry reinforcement bars and redecorated the exterior of the property.

Many of London’s period properties have suffered years of neglect and with a fast paced housing market, and ever increasing property value, you shouldn’t neglect the AESTHETIC’s to the exterior of your property.
The first thing a potential buyer or client will see is the exterior of your property and by enhancing the external features of your property you will not only make it look more appealing, you will also add extensive value.
By carrying out cost effective AESTHETIC repairs we can enhance your property so that its former glory is returned.
London Structural Repairs can carry out brick cleaning to remove dirt and grime from the masonry after years of carbon attack, pollution and dirt.
With the brickwork cleaned a freshly repointed property will provide a practical solution to preventing moisture ingress.
LSR can also employ a range of brick tinting techniques to match brickwork and repair failed or crumbling brickwork when bricks have eroded or suffered impact damage or in instances when poor quality materials have previously been used.
Make sure to contact London Structural Repairs, one of London’s leading Period Property Repair specialists today for your free survey.


Cracks in Walls

Cracks in Walls

If your property has cracks in Walls then its time to get them fixed

London Structural Repairs are specialists in dealing with cracks in walls to period and modern properties in London and surrounding areas.

Cracks In walls can develop for a number of different reasons. It is important to diagnose the root cause of the cracking in order to be able to recommend the correct crack repair method. Most cracks in walls can be diagnosed by the crack pattern and the position on the crack on the wall or building.

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We specialise in investigating, diagnosing, repairing and the monitoring of cracks in walls.

London Structural Repairs can offer you an in depth survey to find out the root cause of the cracks in walls to your property, then we can provide you with the most economical modern repair methods, with the least disturbance to all involved.

Structural defects can devalue your property and even stop the sale of your property

We recently carried out Helifix bar installation to a period property in High Wycombe. The property was suffering from lintel failure, which was the cause of the cracks. London Structural Repairs trained operatives installed deep masonry, helical beams and crack stitch bars to restore the structural integrity to the property, the pointing was colour matched to the existing masonry.

Attention to detail will make all the difference 

Expensive specialist tools are used to carry out the repairs and it is important for the works to be carried out neatly and professionally with a high standard of finish because the last thing you want is an unsightly repair drawing your eye to the repair area.

London Structural Repairs operatives are highly skilled and trained in dealing with all types of modern day repair systems for cracks in walls repairs.

This may mean installing masonry reinforcement (Helical Bars), underpinning or rebuilding.


If your investment is suffering from cracks in walls then we will be glad to hear from you to provide you with a free quotation on 020-8523-1713



Lintel Failure

Lintel Failure

Is your Property suffering from this common problem of Lintel Failure

London structural repairs are specialists in the repair and reinforcement of failed lintels which have caused structural defects such as cracking and downward movement. We use various repair techniques to suit each individual situation of Lintel Failure.

LSR carried out lintel failure repairs to a property in London, the properties lintel had failed and we installed masonry reinforcement as well as pinning up the lintel with our modern repair methods.

Cracked or sagging lintels will make your property look unsightly

Lintel Reinforcement is necessary when Lintel Failure has occurred, in many instances the only method of repair was costly and disruptive remove and rebuild techniques but with London structural repairs modern repair method’s this can be avoided with our sympathetic non disruptive repair technique.

By combining a range of Bed Joint Reinforcement techniques combined with Pinning Ties and grout injection LSR can introduce concealed reinforcement within the Bed Joints this will carry the new imposed loads alleviating the stress from the lintel failure , combined with pinning ties which reconnect the sagging lintel and high strength grout injection we can reinforce the masonry whilst retaining the original aesthetics.

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London structural repairs have carried out a vast amount of Lintel failure Reinforcement works to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

In domestic applications where the home owner would like to retain the original aesthetics to their period property our installation method will include the complete Lintel Repair including the repair of all cracks with the mortar, replacement matching bricks restoring the structural integrity of the failed masonry whilst providing an almost hidden repair.

In commercial applications LSR can save a vast amount of time and money by carrying out Lintel failure Reinforcement without the need for disruptive and time consuming remove and re-build methods. Often when window replacement schemes are being carried out Lintel Failure is common cause of concern and disruption to schedules and planned works.


In instances of Lintel Failure be sure to contact London structural repairs for your free no obligation specification and quotation to restore the structural integrity of your failed lintels today on 020-8523-1713



Cracks above windows and doors

Cracks Above Windows and Doors

Has your property got Cracks Above Windows and Doors ?

This is one of our recent projects in south London. The property was a period property suffering from cracks above windows and doors. LSR had to work on the masonry above a set of patio doors and two windows. London Structural Repairs installed masonry reinforcement beams and pinning ties to stabilise the brick arch lintels and then made good the pointing and cracks to a near invisible repair but with a bit of weathering will become a perfect repair as seen from the photos below. This type of repair method is quick, cost effective and non disruptive to the residents of the property.

Cracks above windows and doors are usually caused by failed lintels. This a common fault on Victorian and Edwardian properties as the brick lintels known as boot lintels do not span across the opening into the main wall of the house as modern lintels do taking the load of the brick work above it.

Lintels are usually made up of bricks, concrete or steel and also it is not uncommon for us to come across timber lintels. When the lintels fail you get cracks above openings and this is usually because of window replacement, eroded mortar joints or if in London we come across it to be bomb damage from world war two frequently.

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Brick arch lintels were designed to sit on top of well made timber windows or doors on period properties. Routine maintenance to the doors or windows is important to maintain the structural integrity of the wood. A lot of home owners have the timber windows removed and replaced with modern type UPVC windows. It is important during the window exchange to try not to disturb the above brick arch lintel or you run the risk of cracks above windows and doors.

London Structural Repairs LTD are specialist masonry repair experts and are here to solve any issues you may be facing with your your property no matter how big or small.


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Bowed Wall Repairs

Bowed Wall Repairs

Is Your Victorian or Edwardian Property in need of Bowed Wall Repairs in or around London?

Bowed or bowing walls are a common defect on period properties due to inadequate degree of horizontal restraint between the external walls and the floor structure, causing the need for Bowed Wall Repairs.

A wall being out of alignment is a common defect with high walls of older properties. In modern houses there is a physical connection between floor joists and roof joists using proprietary galvanised metal straps built into the wall and fixed to the joists at floor and roof level. However in period properties there was no such a requirement. Where the joist span perpendicular to the wall and bear into the wall there is a limited degree of restraint due to the friction between the built in joists and the wall surface but this can deteriorate over time. Where the joists span parallel to the wall there is no lateral restraint offered to the wall, usually the side gable wall and this is where bowing usually occurs.

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London Structural Repairs Are Experts at Bowed Wall Repairs

This is one of our recent projects where we carried out Bowed Wall Repairs to an Edwardian property in the heart of North London. The property which was going to be refurbished inside and out was bowing outwards on the front, back and one of the side elevations, so the order of the works was to carry out the Bowed Wall Repairs first to restore the structural integrity. London Structural Repairs had our surveyor carry out a detailed structural survey to the property and then designed the repair strategy to fix this common defect.

LSR skilled staff Installed Lateral Restraint Ties through the solid walls and into the floor joists on the three elevation walls. We also fixed the Lateral Ties to the internal stud partition walls and Cemties-Grour ties to a solid internal wall.

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